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16mm coil, 20mm coil, E-Nail, enail, enail dab kit, HEATER COIL -

25mm and 30mm Axial size coils: The axial style of heating coil wraps around the sides and also the bottom of the enail for the best heating properties. It heats up the enail faster than the normal round barrel style of heating coils. It is only available to use with the axial style quartz banger enails. The axial heat

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16mm coil, 20mm coil, enail, enail dab kit, quartz enail, quartz nail, titanium enail, tittanium nail -

What is an E-Nail? E-Nail is short for “Electric Nail”, these devices are usually made to be used with wax concentrates and usually include 5 components to be used. 1. A Power Cord 2. An Enail Temperature Controller Box 3. An Enail Heater Coil 4. A Nail or Banger -This could be a Titanium Nail, a Quartz Banger, a Ceramic Nail or a Quartz Nail. The power cord connects to the controller box, the coil is then connected to the controller box , the heater coil is then connected to the banger/nail, the banger/nail is then connected to a dab rig. The Temperature controller box can be set to a specific temperature, when the...

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