Enail Heating Coil Sizes

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Enail Heating Coil Sizes

 25mm and 30mm Axial size coils:

The axial style of heating coil wraps around the sides and also the bottom of the enail for the best heating properties. It heats up the enail faster than the normal round barrel style of heating coils. It is only available to use with the axial style quartz banger enails. The axial heating coil attaches to the axial quartz banger enail with a metal pin clip. This is very secure and make it so the coil cannot accidentally come off of the quartz enail. They are the largest coils and use the largest size nail buckets. These are for customers that love big XL dabs from a big nail! These sizes are best used with a large glass rig. They are growing in popularity and the 25mm axial size is the second most popular for enail setups. 

25mm Barrel/Round Coil: 

The 25mm barrel style of coil still offers a large size nail. Used with a large rig. 

20mm Barrel/Round Coil:

This is the industry standard and most popular size coil on the enail market. The largest variety of nails are offered for the 20mm size coil. (titanium, titanium hybrid, quartz banger, straight quartz, ect.) It can be used with a large or medium size glass rig. 

16mm Barrel/Round Coil:

The 16mm size coil is typically used for customers that like smaller dabs and have a medium size or smaller glass rig. 

10mm Flat Coil:
This coil is typically used with medium to smaller glass rigs. Users of this heating coil like how the coil is flat, sits underneath the nail bucket, and how it's heating properties work. It is mostly used with a 10mm flat titanium nail or 10mm flat titanium/quartz hybrid nail. New to the game is the Terp Slurper Quartz Enail that utilizes the 10mm flat coil. 


Nail Coil Size:

When purchasing an enail, you will be asked to select the coil size nail fitment. This is simply the size of the nail where the coil attaches onto. It is what size heating coil fits onto the enail. It is measured in millimeters just like the enail joint sizes:


Nail and glass rig joint sizes:

The most popular nail joint sizes and most commonly found are: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm Male and Female.

You can see from the diagram above how they fit together. When buying one of our nails or glass rigs, the joint size we list is the actual physical size of the joint. Not the joint it can fit into.

Example: You order a 14mm male size nail joint. The joint on the bottom of that nail you receive will be a 14mm male size. Your glass rig should be a 14mm female joint so the nail you purchased fits into it. 


Most titanium or titanium quartz hybrid nails have a 6 in 1 universal reversible fitment to fit 10mm, 14mm, 18mm male and female glass rig joints:

Also some quartz nails will have a double fitment joint.

Example: 14mm and 18mm male double joint:



Calibrating your Enail Controller – Fixing Fluctuating Enail Temps cause:

The logic of any PID controller can be confused when it is connected to a circuit that has a motor attached to it (blowdryer, Air Conditioner, Electric Pencil Sharpener Etc.) motors created electrical noise which turns a perfect AC sine wave into a more jagged wave causing confusion to a PID’s Logic.

FIX : Recalibration OR Turn off and let cool. To recalibrate your enail follow the directions below

bad coil FIX : buy new coil cause: seasonal temperature fluctuations can cause this.

Large changes in the room temperature greater than 10F can require the unit to need RECALIBRATION. The units were calibrated in our warehouse where the unit learns the room temperature of operation and uses ohms law & room temperature with its algorithm to know its temperature.

FIX : Recalibration followed by turn off and let cool then powering up. To recalibrate your enail follow the directions below


If your E-Nail is fluctuating or sweeping in temps, don’t fear, we have an easy solution for you called an “Auto-Tune”. Once completed, your E-Nail will lock onto your targeted temperature flawlessly. Please follow this step by step guide:

Have your E-Nail fully set up. (coil attached to your insert while secured on your rig). Turn on your E-Nail and use the Up/Down Arrow Keys to set the temperature to your desired temperature. Once your E-Nail reaches or past the set temp the simply hold down the right “>” button for 10 seconds until it’s starts blinking quickly – Then release the button. This puts your Enail into “Auto–Tune” mode. During “Auto–Tune” Mode, the red light will blink rapidly and consistently for about 5 minutes. You’ll also notice the temperatures sweep dramatically. Once the light stops blinking rapidly and consistently, then that means Auto–Tune has been successfully completed. After about 5 minutes, turn unit On/Off and the temperatures should stabilize and not bounce around like they were before. if it continues to have fluctuating temperature your coil may need to be replaced OR try a different circuit to ensure all bases are covered. Remember an occasional PID fluctuation is considered normal and should never occur daily.

The following eNail Calibration and e-Nail Temperature fluctuation fix guide is meant to be used with any brand PID controller . if after several attempts, and you have had and used the unit for some time…. and the unit will not calibrate and the temperature keeps fluctuating then its time to buy a new coil click here

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