Enail Beginners Guide: How to Dab with and Use an Enail

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Enail Beginners Guide: How to Dab with and Use an Enail

What is an E-Nail?

E-Nail is short for “Electric Nail”, these devices are usually made to be used with wax concentrates and usually include 5 components to be used.

1. A Power Cord

2. An Enail Temperature Controller Box

3. An Enail Heater Coil

4. A Nail or Banger

-This could be a Titanium Nail, a Quartz Banger, a Ceramic Nail or a Quartz Nail.

The power cord connects to the controller box, the coil is then connected to the controller box , the heater coil is then connected to the banger/nail, the banger/nail is then connected to a dab rig.

The Temperature controller box can be set to a specific temperature, when the temperature is set the heater coil that is connected to the controller box will start to heat up to that temperature. Heat transfer occurs from the coil to the nail in which it is attached to. Providing a hot surface to vaporize concentrates off.

How to Dab with an E-Nail? How to Use an E-Nail?

  • Clear off your set up space.
  • Set your enail controller box on a flat surface.
  • Connect the power cord to the enail controller box and plug the controller box power cord into a nearby outlet.

Side Note:

- You should never plug an enail controller box into a power strip, it should be directly plugged into a wall outlet.

- If there are a lot of items plugged in and operating while your enail is plugged in, depending on how old your house is, operating an enail may trip the circuit breakers.

- If the circuit breakers trip, please examine your enail coil for any faulty wiring or any wires that may be sticking out of the sleeve, this may be the cause.

**** Do not turn the controller box on before the heater coil is plugged into the controller box, if you turn the controller box on before the coil is connected your display screen will read an error code. ****

  • After the controller box is plugged in, plug in the enail coil heater in its designated place.
  • Then properly secure the enail coil to the nail/banger with its appropriate dish, clips, clamps, or hangers.
  • Connect the nail/banger to your preferred dab rig which is already filled with a suitable amount of water.

Side Note:

- When choosing a dab rig, go for something that is a little larger in size or something with a sturdy base.

- If the dab rig being used with your enail is too small or lightweight it may tip over because of the added weight of the coil and the nail/banger.

  • The controller box can now be turned on, most enail controller boxes will have a switch or a button to turn it on and off.

Side Note:

- If you see an error code on the display screen after the controller box is turned on and the COIL IS CONNECTED PROPERLY, this may indicate that there is a problem with the coil’s thermocouple. This does NOT mean the unit is faulty.

  • Set the controller box to your desired temperature.

Side Note:

- We do not recommend running your enail controller any higher than 650 degrees Fahrenheit, running an enail controller at extremely high temperatures can break or crack your banger.

- Running an enail at super high temps is counterproductive to your concentrate consumption, this will burn through your concentrates instead of vaporizing them which is exceedingly wasteful.

- When setting the temp on a controller box higher than 650 degrees you run the risk of burning large amounts of residue onto your nail/banger which is almost impossible to clean off. You would need to purchase a new banger/nail to use your desktop enail again.

  • The enail coil should start to heat up to your desired temperature, transferring heat to the banger/nail.
  • Once the banger/nail is to your desired temperature (usually takes about 30 seconds to heat), pick up the desired amount of concentrates with the tip of a dab tool.
  • Place the concentrates on the bottom of the heated surface with the dab tool.
  • Inhale through the dab rig mouthpiece.


What is the Best E-Nail?

There are many different types of enails, between analog or digital, or choosing between the options like hybridquartztitanium, ceramic, or different brands, the options may seem a little overwhelming.

It is best to choose an Enail set up that is most suitable to your wants, needs, and preferences!

  • If you prefer to run your enail controller box at higher temperatures we would suggest going with a titanium enail, titanium nails are super durable. They can take a beating without cracking or breaking like a quartz banger would.
  • To get the best of both worlds you can always opt for a hybrid enail which consists of a quartz dish to deliver optimal flavors but the body of a titanium nail adding to its durability.
  • The most common option for enails is usually a quartz banger enail, quartz is super popular because of its ability to retain heat without sacrificing flavor. However, quartz is extremely fragile, we do not recommend heating quartz for extended periods of time or at extremely high temperatures, this will cause the quartz banger to crack, break at the neck, or shatter.

Different Types of Quartz Banger Enails

Terp Slurper Banger Enail

  • 25mm
  • 30mm

Vortex Banger Enail

  • 25mm
  • 30mm

Bucket Banger Enail

  • 16mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm
  • 35mm

Bucket Banger Enails come in a variety of sizes, the 16mm-35mm refers to the size of the bottom portion of the banger and the enail heater coil used with the enail kit. In this case size does matter, you will want to choose a smaller banger if you tend to take smaller dabs and a larger banger if you take larger dabs. The most common and standard size is 25mm.

Side Note:

- The size of your dab and the size of the bottom surface area matter because you can run into a lot of pooling if the size of your dab is too large to vaporize evenly along the heated surface area which leads to un-vaporized concentrates.

How much is an E-Nail?

The cost of an enail set up ultimately depends on the type of enail you are purchasing, and the additional accessories purchased with it!

Enail Pin Set Up Explained for Compatibility with Different Enail Coils

Although the enail controller box you purchased may fit a 5 Pin XLR Female enail coil, this DOES NOT mean that they are compatible. Taking a closer look at the connector portion of an enail coil you will see that it has 5 pins that are side by side almost making a complete circle. Each one of these pins have a specific function, two control power, two control the thermocouple which provides you with an accurate temperature reading, and one is for ground.

If you plug in a coil that is not compatible with your controller box, this can cause the coil to immediately heat to a super high temperature which can potentially start a fire. Be sure that your coil is compatible with your controller box by looking for something called “Pin Set Up”.

Enail vs Erig

  • E-Nail VS E-Rig Power / Efficiency
    • With a limited timed heating cycle, the proper saturation rate is crucial in not wasting concentrates, there is limited power for a limited time with E-rigs. With an E-Nail, power and time is practically limitless, allowing for full vaporization of any amount of concentrates at any temp setting about 420 Fahrenheit. Electric Dab Rigs are great for many things, efficiency is not one of them until you learn the proper amount of concentrate to place inside the device, to prevent over saturation and excess reclaim.

Enail Vs Dab Pen

  • E-Nail VS Dab Pen Power / Efficiency
    • Blah, c’mon, do I even need to spell this one out? Dab pens are notorious for waste and reclaim, with the same limitations regarding their saturation rate (once you drop in the concentrates, if it’s too much, it’s too late, you’re committed). Power varies with pens based upon the heating style and quality. While relatively less powerful than all previous options there are outliers like the Pax 3 and Owar 2.0 which can be relatively efficient.


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