Seamless Blender Round Belly Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Set

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Terp Slurpers or vacuums are a newer style of banger that allow you to achieve low temperature dabs without wasting your concentrates by utilizing the physics of vaporization.

Blender Round Belly Terp Slurper Quartz Banger
Terp Marble
Two Pearls

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Unlike traditional quartz nails, the terp slurp has a bottom dish that connects to a narrower middle section via angled air slits so that the oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish—creating a vacuum effect that keeps the oil in motion. This feature is how the terp slurper got its name: on every inhale you slurp the oil upwards from the bottom dish. 

Terporium Slurper Specs:
Lab-tested quartz (GE 214)
Beveled edge top
Fully welded joint Directional/angled slits
Frosted joint

In contrast to other banger styles, you can place your carb cap on before placing the dab in the bottom dish.  Terp slurpers are compatible with marbles, terp slurper sets, and most all cab caps. However, because the banger has air slits, a carb cap with airflow is not needed and will provide a different hit than when capped with a marble.

Advantages of Terp Slurper: Handles big dabs or "globs" due to increased surface area, while simultaneously minimizing waste. Your regular banger can't do that.  Ideal for low-temperature dabs. Not only will your lungs thank you, but so will your tastebuds.