Terp Slurper Screw & Marble Set

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Pill and Marble Set for Dabbing

The beautiful pill and marble sets for terp slurper-style bangers will help vaporize every last drop of delicious dabs. The large marble is a carb cap, the small acts as a one-way air path vent, and the pill is an agitator that distributes heat and keeps the dabs moving.

3 piece set Terp Pill & Marbles
1-in marble
.5in vent marble .
75in pill
All pieces are borosilicate glass

Screw and Marble Set for Dabbing

This unique design features a large marble style carb cap and a screw style flow bead that are made to function with a Terp Slurp Banger. The terp marble / screw combo assists in regulating airflow and stirring up concentrates to maximize every hit! Includes reusable plastic container.

2 piece set Terp screw & marble
Colorful spiral designs
Borosilicate glass material
Perfect for use with the Terp Slurp Banger (sold separately)