Blender Quartz Banger Set

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This new style of quartz banger functions almost like a refined terp slurper. To use the Samurai, simply cap the top and place your product in the base dish (in the upside samurai hat). The bottom dish connects to the middle section via angled air slits (or channels) so that oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish. The design of the base combined with the tall narrow walls creates a centrifuge of force upon inhaling, pushing the concentrate up the walls. The results are truly incredible.

Blender Terp Slurper Quartz Banger
Terp Marble
Two Pearls

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In contrast to other banger styles, you can place your carb cap on before placing the dab in the bottom dish.

100% lab-tested quartz
Beveled edge top
Fully welded joint
Directional/angled slits
Frosted joint

Recommended Caps: Marbles and terp slurper sets. Although other styles will work, we recommended a terp slurper set/ marbles for optimal function.

Since air can travel through the banger, there is no need to have a carb cap with airflow. You can use a marble set, plugs, or any type of cap you desire really. Different air flows will cause variations in the function, allowing you to find your perfect combination.