5 Best Dab Bangers of 2022

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5 Best Dab Bangers of 2022

Quartz Bangers also known as Dab Bangers, are used by those looking for the most pure tasting and efficient dabbing experience. By using a quartz banger, instead of a ceramic or titanium nail, quartz prevents a harsh hit and offers an easier cleanup. Ceramic nails can be slightly more permeable than quartz bangers. Titanium nails do heat up the quickest and retain temperature the best but also degrade the taste of the dab. This is why a quartz banger is the best solution for taste in the short and long term.

Each year we compile a list of the best Quartz Bangers. As technology advances, there are always new designs hitting the market. With so many to choose from, we compile our Best of Quartz Banger List each year to help you sift through all of these designs to find the best dab banger for you.

As with all of these bangers, they come in different joint sizes and angles as well as in Fully Welded and Regular Weld versions. There are also several different variations

1) Terp Slurper Banger

Turp Slurper Bangers have quickly become a fan favorite for a good reason. Offering the best tasting experience of all of the bangers on this list, it not only offers great taste but is extremely effective in consuming all of the terps and dab, allowing for the most powerful experience possible.

How does a Terp Slurper Banger work?

Insert terp pill or pearl inside the bottom compartment, place the small marble inside the middle compartment and place the large marble atop the banger. Heat the bottom dish to the desired temperature, place concentrates onto the bottom dish, allowing the vapor to pass through the bottom slits and into the banger.

Click Here to view our selection of Terp Slurper Bangers.


2) Vortex Banger

The Vortex Banger offers a solution for those having trouble getting their terp pearls to spin when using a Vortex Carb Cap. When combining a Vortex Banger and Vortex Carb Cap, dem pearls will spin like crazy! What’s the benefit you may ask?

Well, terp pearls are used to help evenly distribute concentrates, preventing any cold or hot spots on the banger and enabling the most consistent cloud size possible and efficient consumption of all of the concentrates within the banger.

How does a Vortex Banger work?

Heat the bottom to the desired temperature, place the concentrates inside, cap the banger and inhale. A Terp Pearl and Marble Carp Cap is not needed to use this banger properly, any carb cap will do.


3) Thermochromic Banger

Thermochromic Bangers are the OG Dab Temp Reader, although there are now several Dab Temp Readers on the market, when looking for an affordable solution, the Thermochromic Banger is surely it. The yellow sand within the banger slightly changes color as it is heated. Not sure what temperature your banger is? Simply notice which shade of the yellow color you prefer and you’ll always know if it's at your desired temp!

How does a Thermochromic Banger work?

Heat the bottom of the banger to the desired temperature, place the concentrates inside, cap the banger and inhale. Utilizing a vortex cab cap with a terp pearl will help evenly vaporize the concentrates. 

4) Diamond Knot Recycler Banger

Recycler Bangers do just that, with their bottom recycling loop at the bottom, any non-vaporized concentrate is sent back up and into the diamond knot, allowing it to be vaporized completely.

5) Round Bottom Banger

One of the most annoying parts of a banger is the crease along the wall where concentrate can sit and is hard to clean. You may use a pointed cotton swab like that from Glob Mops, The Depot or Bear Quartz to properly clean every inch and crevice of a banger, however if you are not looking to spend extra money on special cotton swabs, utilizing a Round Bottom Banger will eliminate that issue. Round Bottom Bangers are also great for pooling concentrates into one area, which has pro’s and con’s. The pro’s being that you will never have to clean the banger “corners” while also being great for low temp dabs. The con being that you are creating a pool which can cause for a longer timeframe to vaporize the concentrates. Utilizing terp pearls with Round Bottom Bangers are a great way to prevent pooling even within a round bottom banger, making them the perfect pairing! The round bottom makes it that much easier for the terp pearls to move around, helping them spin easier than other bangers. Similar to Beveled bottom bangers, the curved bottom does half the work when it comes to spinning. When combined with a vortex carb carb or dual air-flow carb cap, you can easily spin terp pearls within a Round Bottom Banger.

How does a Round Bottom Banger work?

Heat the bottom of the banger to the desired temperature, place the concentrates inside, cap the banger and inhale. Utilizing a vortex cab cap with a terp pearl will help evenly vaporize the concentrates.

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