Thermochromic Quartz Banger Nail Color Changing Bucket

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Material: 99.9% Pure Quartz
SurfaceTreatment: Frosted
Tube Angle: 90 Degree
Pot Thickness:2 mm thick
Pot Outer Diameter: 25 mm
Melting point:1700°C
Feature:Heat discoloration

Quartz Thermochromic Bucket / Color Changing Quartz Bucket.

When you are at DAB, you never know what the temperature of buckets is,because they are transparent. 

This can be dangerous when you accidentally touch them at high temperatures. Because you may be scalded.

While adding a thermal conductivity material in the quartz bucket, when the temperature is a color, the color also changes with the temperature, the cooling time is back to the original color, so a gradual process, according to the display color , You know when it's hot so you can remind yourself not to touch a quartz bucket at this time.