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If you're a weed consumer, then you know that there's nothing quite like taking a big hit of some good quality bud. But what if we told you that you could enhance the smoking experience by adding terp pearls to your joint or bowl? No, we're not kidding!


Terp pearls are small balls made from cannabis oil and (you guessed it) terpenes. They can be added to any type of smoking material, and they provide an extra dose of flavor and potency. Here is everything you need to know about using terp pearls in your next smoke session!


Terp pearls are small balls that circle in the banger, increasing airflow and allowing the user to dab at low temperatures. The constant spinning spreads the heat, cooling down the concentrate and preserving the terpenes. These little beads can do more than add style to your rig; they help you get a clean taste of the terpenes and cannabinoids in your concentrates. The stones are made using quartz, borosilicate or even silicone. They weigh between 1mg and 30mg, based on size.


Some come with a hole in the center to make it easier for you to add them, while others are the same size as your banger and lie flat at the bottom.

Terp pearls do their job best when placed in a quartz banger. Quartz is known for its resistance against heat and the banger’s design means that it can withstand low temperatures. This is a great way to preserve terpenes while you take a dab.


There is a large variety of terp pearls out in the market. And if your preference is to smoke concentrates and waxes, you may ask yourself: which one should I choose?

Well, we got you covered! Here's a little guide to pick the best fit for you.

Although it isn't well known, borosilicate are the most affordable pearls, but can melt or change shape when heated at high temperatures. Which means you have to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning these types of pearls and making sure not to directly heat it.

Ceramic pearls can handle a good amount of heat like quartz, but are hard to clean and the most fragile out of our listing. When it comes to flavor, there is a debate on whether or not ceramic is better than quartz.

Quartz are the most popular terp pearls out there. They can handle heat well, have a good flavor, and can be easily cleaned. Quartz are also very reasonably priced, which makes them very desirable in comparison to other pearls.

Sapphire or Ruby can keep heat really well, but they melt if it is under direct flames and can't be submerged for cleaning right after as it's still hot. However, if you take care of them like due diligence, your pearls should last you a lifetime even with daily use!

So which one is the best one for you? You'll have to choose on your own after reading all the pros and cons. We recommend trying them all and figuring out which one becomes your favorite! And also remember: giving good care will make your pearl last longer!


To use terp pearls it is most common to heat the banger with your terp pearls already inside. To make sure it works you have to put in the terp pearls then heat the banger or heat the banger then put in terp pearls. Afterwards, put in the dab as it's already heated and close it with a carb cap and take a hit or else the terp pearls won't spin or work. You can drop one or multiple terp pearls in, it is preference and up to you. If the terp pearls can't handle high heat then you will have to use the method where you heat the banger first then drop the pearls in. If you forget to use a carb cap then the terp pearls won't spin, but they will still get hot. Also you know it works because the pearls are spinning. Lastly, only certain carb caps make the terp pearls spin so make sure your carb cap is compatible.

Remember to always be safe! When heating the banger use a heat resistant glove or something of that sort, don't burn yourself. Also remember to not do this near anything flammable and if it is then put out whatever you're smoking and put out the banger as well before doing anything else.


Terp pearls are used in a titanium or quartz banger and distribute your dab making sure you make full use of your dabs and cook them evenly. They also give your hits more flavor and bigger clouds, while making sure you have no sticky leftover dabs in the banger. Terp pearls are also reusable and they help conserve your dabs. It's a great way to recycle old titanium and quartz bangers as well.

To maximize your dabs, try adding a layer of terp pearls on top. The benefits are endless with terp pearls. Terp Pearls come in a variety of colors and shapes to add an interesting effect when hitting them. They are also fun to use and watch as you smoke!


Keeping the terp pearls cleaned helps retain the flavor of the terpenes and give you those flavorful hits you're looking for. Cleaning your terp pearls after every dabbing session is important in making sure that concentrate residue doesn't build up on the inside. To clean terp pearls wait for them to cool down then mix it around in some isopropyl alcohol until all the residue is gone and then wipe. Don't use it right after, but give it time to dry and cool off before using again. Make sure to clean the terp pearls after every dabbing session.

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