How Does A Bong Work?

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How Does A Bong Work?

In this blog "How does a bong work?" we explain how exactly a bong works. A bong is usually quite simple in terms of how it works, and is not very different from a normal shisha or hookah waterpipe. Even a normal smoking pipe works very similar: the only real difference is that the smoke is cooled and filtered by water, making it contain less harmful substances (these remain in the bong water for a large part) and also making it less scratchy on the throat and much smoother to inhale.

Hookah vs. Bong how it works

Although a bong and shisha or hookah are quite different from each other, in many aspects they are the same. The biggest difference between a bong and a hookah is that you inhale the smoke from a bong using a fixed mouthpiece or hole, while a hookah uses a tube. A hookah is often used with hookah stones or tobacco, while a bong is used to smoke herbs. So a bong basically does the same as a hookah/shisha, but you will notice some big differences when you smoke the two. Because many bongs are made of glass, they never give you any weird unwanted flavours. Many hookahs (especially hookahs of lower quality) are made of inferior materials and therefore do omit flavours and smells (sometimes).

How does the water cool and filter the smoke?

By exposing the smoke to water, harmful particles are partly filtered out of the smoke, and the smoke cools down.

Often, the smoke is cooled down even further by a percolator, pre-cooler, diffuser or ice cubes.

percolator and diffuser basically do the same thing: by increasing the surface area of the smoke that is exposed to the water, it is cooled down and filtered from unwanted particles (such as tar) even further. A pre-cooler does this as well, but it improves the smoke even before it enters the bong. Ice is often used in the neck of the bong to cool the smoke a little extra, creating an extra smooth and comfortable effect.

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