Fully Welded vs. Standard Welded Bangers

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Fully Welded vs. Standard Welded Bangers

When choosing the perfect banger, it’s common to consider the style, the size and the material, but something that we pay less attention to is its construction – primarily, how it’s welded.As you’re about to find out, it’s always better to go with a fully welded, aka a seamless banger, since it provides lots of advantages that benefit you as a dabbing enthusiast.

What’s the Difference?

There are generally two types of bangers: a fully welded banger and a standard welded banger.A standard welded banger is made up of two parts that are connected to each other through a welding process, and so you’ll notice a seam down the center.Then, there’s a fully welded banger which has no seams at all.

So, why is a full weld so desirable?Well, for a few reasons.

  • 1.More attractive – without the seam, you get to enjoy the appearance of smooth quartz consistently throughout.But, that’s not all.
  • 2.A fully welded banger is stronger, because seams, no matter how firmly attached to one another, weaken the integrity of the banger, as dropping it makes it far more likely to crack.
  • 3.Besides that, these bangers last longer since those cracks can eventually start to tear ever so slightly, but enough for vapor to escape through.
  • 4.Seamless bangers retain heat more efficiently, since heat spreads more evenly over a seamless material as opposed to a seam.

Now, let’s go over the most common types of fully welded bangers that you’ll find on the market.

Full Weld Bucket Bangers

Bucket bangers continue to dominate the industry, since they just work so well.They look like buckets with a flat bottom and a flat top or an angled top, with flat top being more popular although angled-top bangers are having a moment since many say that they change the circulation of air to promote richer flavor.Bucket bangers are also very intuitive – just drop your concentrates inside and take a nice dab hit.Because of their design, they’re easy to clean as well, which is always a nice touch.

Full Weld Terp Slurper Bangers

Terp slurper bangers are quickly becoming huge, thanks to their positive effects on flavor which dabbers can’t stop raving about.It features an elongated tube that leads to an open tray, aka a skillet, allowing air to flow continuously during each inhale for more concentrated terpene flavor satisfaction.This design also minimizes waste.

Full Weld Trough Bangers

Trough bangers get their name from their shape that looks like a feeding trough, with a wide mouth and curved edges.They have a large surface area which can lead to very smooth dab hits, and they heat dabs very evenly because of this.They can slightly reduce the potency of your vapor, which may or may not be the desired effect.

Thermal Bangers

Thermal bangers have a small tube in the middle of the bucket, and this also gets hot when the banger is heated, acting a secondary surface heating area to increase the rate of vaporization.Because it acts like insulation, it heats your dabs more effectively and quickly, and allows the entire banger to retain heat for longer.

Cube Bangers

Cube bangers are more of a niche design, but those who use them absolutely swear by them.They supposedly offer fantastic heat retention due to their more angular nature which traps heat within each cube wall.People also say that they heat their dabs more evenly due to the lack of curves, allowing for more direct surface heating area.

Nucleated Bangers

A newer trend on the (seamless) banger market is the nucleated banger, which uses nucleated glass which contains pockets of gas, almost giving off an opaque appearance.The use of contained gas lets the banger retain heat for almost twice as long as a traditional model, while helping separate liquids, solids and gases more efficiently for purer vapor.It’s great for low and high-temp dabbing as it almost always guarantees the best flavor and smoothest yet most potent vapor as desired.

Which Banger Style is Right for You?

There are so many types of bangers on today’s market thanks to the rise in dabbing popularity, which has led to some exciting innovations over the last few years.Whichever banger design you decide to go with, remember that at the end of the day, a seamless, full weld banger is more likely to last, and satisfy your dabbing needs with improved heat retention and a sturdier overall structure.

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