XL Titanium Carb Cap W Dabber

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This DinoNail Titanium XL Carb Cap comes complete with an attached flathead dabber.  It's an oversized carb cap that fits nails that have a larger diameter cup than usual.  It is the perfect low cost option for owners of the Quartz / Titanium nails, DabThrone, and Santa Cruz Shredder OMNI Nails.  This carb cap creates an ideal seal over the outer edge of these nails - perfect for low temps.

Carb Caps went from a novelty to a necessity in a matter of months.  Enjoy the bene fits of low temp vaping with the DinoNail Titanium Carb Cap w/ attached dabber.  Carb caps lets you efficiently get the most out of the product.

Two Piece Construction w/ Attached Flathead Dabber
Fits most Quartz / Titanium Nails + BOSS DabThrone + Santa Cruz Shredder OMNI's
Grade 2 Titanium
Updated 1 Port Hole Design