Teddy Bear Design Carb Cap Assorted Colors For Quartz Banger Nail

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Unique glass carb caps to match everyone's sense of style! These caps are carefully designed to fit snugly over the tops of our Quartz Banger Nails, but will work well with many other varieties of vapor domes and banger nails, as well! Pick out the perfect one for your pipe - there's plenty of unique styles available.

Carb caps are an essential accessory for your dab rig, the cutting edge of concentrate dabbing tech. By capping the nail and restricting airflow to a small portion of the nail’s surface area, a carb cap places your rig under low pressure when suction is applied to the pipe. This low pressure forces concentrate to boil and vaporize at much lower temperatures, letting you vaporize your oil efficiently and completely, with fuller, untarnished flavor.