TC PORT kit Portable E-Nail

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TC Port Portable E-Nail Kit
 -Features an LED screen-
Technical Specifications:
Real-time temperature control and adjustment
300-800 degrees Fahrenheit range
Rechargeable battery/3000mAh
Auto-timer function
0.91" HD OLED display screen(123*32 dpi)
Friendly tone reminder 

  1. Load the battery. Press the power button 5 times to switch on/off the device
  2. When the device is on, press (+)/(-) button to adjust temperature from 300 degree Fahrenheit ~ 800 degree Fahrenheit adjustment. Long press the button to quickly adjust temperature by 10 degrees F.
  3. Press (+)and(-) buttons simultaneously to open the dishes selection interface. After the dishes selection screen pops up, press (+)/(-) button to select your choice of dishes and click the power button to confirm the dishes selection.
  4. Press the power button 3 times to start heating the device. Red light and single beep tone indicates the heating. Wait for 50seconds or as displayed in the screen to let the coil reach set temperature.
  5. As the device is heated the indicator light turns Green and a long tone indicate the device reached set temperature, and ready to vape.
  6. When the device is ready to vape, the interface stops from heating the coil after 50 seconds. Or you can press the power button 3 times to stop the interface from heating the coil.
  7. During battery charging, the red light indicates the device is charging, and turns green on charging is completed.
  8. The screen will be automatically powered off if the device is not used for 30 seconds. Press the power button 5 times to switch off the device
  9. Charging, short circuit, voltage are displayed in the screen.

Note: The different dishes on heating to a desired temperature might have a temperature difference of ±40F due to different ele ments in the dish and is normal.
Package  Includes:
1* TC Port with replaceable ceramic heating base
1* Magnetic stainless carb cap with removable dab tool
1* Rechargeable battery/3000mAh
1* Titanium nail
1* Ceramic nail
1* Quartz nail
1* Silicon nail
3* Q-tips
2* Alcohol pad
1* USB charger
1* Wax container
1* Glass bubbler
1* User manual
1* Gift box