Opaque Bottom Full Weld Terp Slurper Set

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The innovative and efficient Opaque Bottom Full Weld Terp Slurper improves the terp slurper experience even more by adding an opaque bottom which will heat up more quickly and retain heat for longer periods of time. This unique design will greatly enhance the flavor of your concentrates.

The swirl design in the opaque dish will guide your concentrates to the sweet spot making it super efficient as none of your precious concentrates are wasted. Anything that is not vaporized will drip back into the dish to be vaporized again.

Just heat the dish and stem. Place your concentrates on the dish or the base of stem and the slits in the bottom will pull the concentrates up the stem and bucket for dense flavorful clouds. Pairs great with any of our marble carb caps or any carb cap that restricts airflow.

The premium full weld will guarantee good airflow and joint strength.

To clean, simply use a cotton swab while the banger is still hot. Do not use any cleaning solution while the banger is still hot.