New Wishing Well Terp Slurper Full Weld Banger

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Our Terp Slurper has a 2mm thick extra-wide dish for all you slurpin’ addicts. The heat retention is insane. Effortless function. 

Terp Slurpers or vacuums are a newer style of banger that allow you to achieve low temperature dabs without wasting your concentrates by utilizing the physics of vaporization.

Unlike traditional quartz nails, the terp slurp has a bottom dish that connects to a narrower middle section via angled air slits so that the oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish—creating a vacuum effect that keeps the oil in motion. This feature is how the terp slurper got its name: on every inhale you slurp the oil upwards from the bottom dish. 


  • 100% lab tested quartz
  • Beveled edge top
  • Fully welded joint
  • Directional/angled slits
  • Frosted joint

Terp slurpers are compatible with marbles, terp slurper sets, and most all cab caps. However, because the banger has air slits, a carb cap with airflow is not needed and will provide a different hit than when capped with a marble. 

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