Intricate Hammer Style Heady Pipe

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Whether you're looking to expand your glass collection or want a hand pipe to wow your friends, the Tiger Cowrie Intricate Hammer Style Hand Pipe is one impressive piece you’ll love. This handcrafted glass pipe features a tiger cowrie shell design in brown, natural, and tan hues.

The bowl of this pipe and the mouthpiece that sits atop the curvy stem are fashioned after the speckled egg-shaped glossy tiger cowrie shell. There's a carb hole on the left side of the bowl you can use to control the size and intensity of your rips. The bottom of the bowl is flattened so the pipe won't tip over when placed on a flat surface.

This seashell-themed glass hand pipe perfectly combines form with function. The pipe is a pleasure to use and looks amazing on display. It's a true piece of art you'll be proud to own. Get yours before they're gone.