Heady Hammer Hand Pipe

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With his inspiration and infatuation of all things "monster," it's no surprise that the Heady Hammer takes on its spiky design and impressive functionalities. Made from durable borosilicate glass, this gnarly hand pipe is meant to stand guard at the front of your glass collection! The Heady Hammer takes on the classic Sherlock-style and features spikes along its stem and mouthpiece. We went the extra mile with this heady piece and incorporated 3 wig-wag designs located on the Heady Hammer's bowl, stem, and mouthpiece in entrancing colors. This insane Heady Hammer is meant to be in your glass collection and will provide the perfect aesthetic for all heady-hungry enthusiasts!

Heady Hammer Features
Handcrafted from renown heady glassblower
Spiked design inspired by monsters
Made from borosilicate glass
Wig-wag accents
Deep bowl with carb hole for precision during seshes
Measurements: Approx. 7" length | 3" height