Double Stereo Matrix Percolator Glass Bong

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If you thought stereos were only made for music, think again! The Double Stereo Matrix Bong was designed to create ultra-smooth hits while looking super sleek in the process. Standing at 12.5” inches tall, this thick borosilicate glass bong features 2 bumping stereo matrix percs. The fixed, reinforced downstem will lead your smoke into the first matrix percolator housed within the base, where each hit is filtered through water and sent upwards into the middle chamber. The middle chamber contains an even larger stereo matrix perc that continues the cooling process and bumps your smoke into the straight tube neck. Put on your favorite tunes and get higher than your volume with the Double Stereo Matrix Bong today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs

Double Stereo Matrix Bong

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

Dual Stereo Matrix Percs

Sturdy Flared Base

12.5” inches Tall

90° Joint Angle

18mm Female Joint 

18mm Male Bowl Piece

Straight Tube Water Pipe

Thick Scientific Glass Bong

Fixed Reinforced Downstem