DinoNail-Steel Pick Wax Dabber 110mm Three Colors

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DinoNail specializes in dabbing. That's why we came up with the Double Sided Dabber. at 110mm long, it is able to keep more than enough distance between you and your red hot dab nail. On one end of the dabber is a scooper. The other side has a nifty almost arrow-like shape. 

With this high quality 'DinoNail" Stainless Steel Tool, you can work with oily and sticky substances professionally and reliably. The tool has a corrugated part at both sides for a better grip.

Great two way design and made from stainless steel to ensure satisfaction and manufactured to be long lasting product.

Scoop tip
Arrowhead tip
Tip: Double sided
Style: Concentrate Tool
Material: Stainless steel
Quantity: 1