Dab Swabs Banger Cotton Cleaning Swabs Cotton Mops

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180 Swabs Per Box
100% Pure Cotton Swab
Bamboo stick
Plastic travel case
Easy to use
Double ended

- Keep you quartz nail sparkling! 
- Keepin your nails fresh to death.  
- Great for keeping your quartz nail clean when dabbing on the go! 

- Also great for cleaning hard to reach placed like glass elbos, joints, and accessories.

They are 10mm wide on both ends, making them double the size of the next largest cotton swab available. These can be re-used for several dabs unlike other swabs. Perfect for mopping up globs and keeping your quartz fresh! Rounded on end, so you can reach every crevice and corner of your banger. Guaranteed to be more absorbent than any other cotton swab available. 180 swabs included in each pack.