Blender Terp Slurper Mix Color

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This mix color quartz nail is the way to upgrade your concentrate arsenal of accessories. Fitted for daily use, this accessory is created to impress and optimize the dabbing experience for each archetype of consumer. 

Crafted with high quality quartz, this double decker banger allows for the smoothest of low temps as well as supports even the largest amount of product. With the top bowl being 20mm in diameter and the bottom bowl reaching an even larger 25mm, the Mini Terp Slurper is guaranteed to satisfy even the heaviest of dabbers. 

The best part of it is the hurricane disc on the bottom bowl which functions amazing and bring your dabbing experience into next higher level for sure.

14mm 90 Degree is the only available option for the banger now.

Combo Set include 1 Marble + 2 Pearls + 1 mix color slurper packed in a premium iron box.

The top marble colors /patterns may vary.