Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger Set

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Kit Includes: 
1 x Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger
1 x Vortex Carb Cap
1 x Steel Dabber
1 x Silicone Container
 2 x Quartz Terp Pearls

The beveled edge on this gavel-style quartz banger is there for more than good looks. While this Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger nail is aesthetically-pleasing, the bevel design makes it super easy to manipulate your carb cap.  And, the beveled edge ensures that your carb cap is sealed well when you're not moving it around. 

This quartz banger nail has a wide gavel base that prevents splashback and loss of your precious concentrates.  Since the base is 25mm wide, this banger works with larger sized carb caps, banger beads, and insert cups for added versatility. 

This 4mm thick clear quartz banger with a male joint is available in 10mm and 14mm joint sizes. Choose the right options for your setup and enjoy getting the most out of all your dabs.

This Vortex Carb Cap does everything you want as a carb cap, and then some.  It's designed to fit a wide variety of bangers and feels high quality when in use. There's a large carb hole on the top which gives you complete control of the airflow.

There are slits in the side of the cap that allows for some serious airflow at a specific angle that will spin around in your banger.  This cap is the best we've come across if you want to pair it up with a terp pearl. You're going to love this cap.