Smoke OwlMortyCat Silicone Art Pipe w Glass Bowl Removable Face

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These Owl/Morty/Cat hand pipes take on a look typical of a regular ol' glass pipe. Unlike a glass pipe, the face of this (the Owl/Morty/Cat) can be removed, along with the glass cup which makes this extremely easy to clean and care for. Acting as a pocket, the inside of the silicone pipe can also be used to stash your favorite smoking materials. 

Being made of silicone this pipe may still look familiar, but it's unlike anything you've used before. Drop away, because silicone won't crack or break on you. If we do say so ourselves, this pipe is a real HOOT to use. Do you see what we did there? 


Removable Owl/Morty/Cat face for super easy inside cleaning.
What You Get:
1x Silicone Owl/Morty/Cat Design Art Pipe 
1x Glass Bowl Insert