Rick and Morty Glass Hand Pipes

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Get your smoke on with Rick Sanchez and these slim 4.5″ glass hand pipes! Their cool colors are mostly opaque, lending a very unique look to these pipes. To top them off are various graphics of Rick and Morty. These spoon-shaped pipes have a straight conical bowl and a carb on the left side for regulating airflow. Along the top of the neck on this pipe is a graphic of a scene from Rick and Morty. Although not true to the show, these pipes are sure to be a fun piece to show off to friends and have a good time with!

Rick and Morty Glass Hand Pipes with various designs/sayings.  Smoke dope from these dope hand pipes. Rick, Pickle Rick, Rick and Morty, Rick Wubba Wubba, Rick Get Schifty, and Rick blue face. Classic glass hand pipes.