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    The DinoNail Mystery Box is our way of giving back to our customers and thanking you all for your support!  This mystery bundle features some of our coolest products from bongs,quartz banger nail,carb cap,dab rig,dabber,enail,glass bowl,titanium nail,quartz enail,dab tool,dab gear,silicone neactor collector and more—at an extremely discounted rate so you get hooked up.

    A great gift for someone's birthday, or even your own (treat yo' self), the DinoNail Mystery Box is quite the steal. Every Mystery Box is chosen by our excellent team so you're likely to get a different assortment of products every time. The items inside can vary from glass bong,glass bowl,quartz banger,glass hand made cap,glass hand made dabber,titanium nail,carb caps,steel dabber,quartz insert,terp pearls,etc You might receive all the tools needed to dab or the accessories needed to have quite the rolling party. This depends entirely on you, as our boxes provide items for flower or concentrate based on your choice.
    The Mystery Box comes in three price options. Just want to get your toes wet? Try our $50 box. Liked your first one or looking for some extra swag? Bump it up to the $100 option. 

    Each box has a total value 1.5X - 2X it's price. That means when you spend $100 you are really receiving at least $150-200 worth of products. We have a large selection which might be overwhelming for some. The DinoNail Mystery Box not only sets you up with a great assortment of prizes but will also save you money. Disclaimer: items cannot be swapped. Damaged items may be returned but there is no guarantee you receive the same exact piece. 


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    Upon receiving your mystery boxes, we’d love for you to write a review and share what you received on social media. Help spread the word and share the love!


Each box has a total value 1.5X - 2X it's price.
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