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A great gift for someone's birthday, or even your own (treat yo' self), the DinoNail Mystery Box is quite the steal. Every Mystery Box is chosen by our excellent team so you're likely to get a different assortment of products every time. The items inside can vary from glass, vapes, papers, accessories, and official merchandise. You might receive all the tools needed to dab or the accessories needed to have quite the rolling party. This depends entirely on you, as our boxes provide items for flower or concentrate based on your choice.

Each box has a total value 1.5X - 2X it's price. That means when you spend $200 you are really receiving at least $300-400 worth of products. We have a large selection which might be overwhelming for some. The DinoNail Mystery Box not only sets you up with a great assortment of prizes but will also save you money. Disclaimer: items cannot be swapped. Damaged items may be returned but there is no guarantee you receive the same exact piece. 

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