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Vaporizing concentrate off of a quartz banger is hands down my favorite way to consume concentrates. Whether you’re vaporizing BHO, Rosin, Distillate, or Full Melt it is important and crucial to know how long you need to heat up your quartz banger and how long you need to wait for the quartz banger to cool down.

A very common question people new to low temping have is “How long do I have to heat up my quartz banger?” In this article you’ll learn how to heat up ANY quartz banger for low temp dabbing in 5 easy steps and we’ll walk you through each of the steps required to do so.Required Items and Materials.

  1. Concentrate 

  1. Dab Rig

  1. Quartz Banger

  1. Carb Cap

  1. Dabber or other Utensil

  1. Torch

  1. Stopwatch or Timer

  1. Cotton Swabs

Step 1: Use a Torch with a Large Flame

Usually you’ll find these torches next to cash registers at convenience stores, and it is a common beginner mistake to think they would be able to heat up a quartz banger.

If you’re on a tight budget I recommend picking up propane torch from a home improvement store. The Large can of propane will last you forever and the torch heads are very high quality.

If you’re looking for something less intimidating and user friendly but don’t mind spending a little money I would recommend the Blazer Big Shot GT8000. Its hands down the most reliable torch I have ever used and offers a large range of adjustment for the size of the flame.

In general look for a torch that has a large adjustable flame like the Big Shot GT8000 and you’ll be set.

Step 2: Set up a Timer or Stopwatch 

I use the stopwatch app on my cell phone and leave it next to my dab rig as I heat it up.

Step 3: Light the Torch and Heat the Base of the Banger

Contrary to what most would think, there is no bene fit to moving the flame all around the banger when heating it up. The oil will rest and pool in the base of the banger when it melts so there is very little reason to heat the sides, gravity will force the oil to pool at the bottom of the banger which is why you want to heat that as opposed to the sides.

When the timer strikes 30 seconds turn off your torch and reset the stopwatch.

Step 4: Wait About 60 Seconds Depending on Your Quartz Banger
After waiting a minute you can dab your concentrate in the banger. If you timed the nail properly there should be very little vapor being produced in the rig until you use the carb cap.

If you can finish the dab without using the carb cap your nail is very hot and you should let it cool more. Likewise, if concentrate does not produce vapor even after using the carb cap you went in too late for your particular quartz banger. Regardless if your nail is hitting too hot or cool use this easy trick to dial in the exact time for your banger.

If you feel 60 seconds was to hot you should wait an extra 10 seconds next time.

If you feel 60 seconds was to cool you should go in 10 seconds sooner next time.

Repeat these steps until you feel your timing is dialed in, sometimes thinner quartz bangers cool down faster so you may have to use 5 second intervals, but I found +/-10 second intervals is usually good for almost every quartz banger I have ever used.

Step 5: Use a Cotton Swab to Clean the Banger

If you do not mop up the residual oil it will burn off next time you heat your nail creating black char on the nail that ruins the flavor of your dab. On a similar note cleaning the banger like this after each dab takes very little extra effort and keeps your quartz banger looking like new.

There should be NO black or brown stains baked onto the nail after a proper low temp dab, if you cannot clean the banger like new after going over the bucket with a cotton swab it means you dabbed your concentrate a little too hot. If this is the case its safe to say you should maybe wait another 10 seconds if you’re looking to take a low temp dab.

Things to Also Consider

For starters, if your carb cap does not make a perfect seal with your quartz banger it will prevent you from taking low temp dabs, the vacuum the carb cap creates when used with the nail works like a pressure cooker allowing the oil to vaporize at a lower temperature.

If you find your carb cap isn’t sealing good with your banger I would recommend picking up a new one, ideally one with directional airflow so you can move the oil around the quartz banger by spinning it around. Directional airflow creates more vapor production when compared to regular carb caps.

Also your timings may be messed up if your dabbing outdoors in windy or cold weather. Both of these factors will cool down your nail faster compared to sitting in your living room. Consider that when dabbing outdoors as you may need to hit your quartz banger a lot sooner.

Low temp dabbing preserves more of the lower boiling volatile terpenes which provide better flavor and a better high in my opinion.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on this article and I’ll be happy to help, thanks for reading.

Before we break down how to properly take a low temp dab you should have the following tools and items handy for the smoothest experience possible.

Typically people new to dabbing in general will struggle with heating up their banger because they’re trying to use a small pocket torch to heat up a large quartz bucket.

This is the most crucial step to taking perfect low temp dabs every time. You’ll never get consistent results If you do not have a way of accurately tracking how long your heating and cooling your nail. I prefer to use a stopwatch as opposed to a timer but they more or less accomplish the same thing.

Firstly, start your stopwatch, turn your torch on and then apply the jet flame to the base of the quartz banger for 30 seconds.

This step can very a little bit depending on the particular quartz banger you’re using. Some may take less time to cool down and some may take more time But I have found 1 minute after a 30 second heat up is usually a good starting point to hit the dab and see how hot or cool it is.

If you did the low temp dab properly the residual oil should come up completely with a cotton swab.

If you’re dabbing inside your home and using a quality quartz banger and carb cap the steps above should give you the knowledge to allow you to hit a perfect low temp dab every time but there are some cases where this method could not quite work.

After making it this far it is safe to say you now have the knowledge possible to take a proper low temp dab off of any quartz banger. Once you start low temp dabbing it is very hard to go back especially if you are using high quality concentrate like hash rosin or full melt hash.

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